Donald B. Yoo


“I’m extremely happy with the results of my rhinoplasty. Dr. Yoo is incredibly skilled and did the perfect job at blending my nose more harmoniously with my facial features. It looks very natural. I experienced no pain and only minimal bruising and swelling. I highly recommend him because you can rest assured he will give you amazingly beautiful results!” – JS
“I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Yoo! From my first meeting with him, he was charming, attentive and receptive to my wants and desires. Dr. Yoo is very easy to talk to and provides maximum comfortability in the doctor/patient relationship. I never felt that I wasn't being listened to and that my desires/outcomes were Dr. Yoo's priority. I was very nervous about cosmetic surgery and I sort of steamrolled the process with my specific needs. I cannot even express how great a job he did for me. He matched every specific desire with artistic and technical precision. All Ican say is, I wish I would of given Dr. Yoo more creative license and artistic freedom. There were some things Dr. Yoo suggested that I wasn't willing to do because I thought I knew exactly what my face needed! HA, in hindsight, I would of walked in there, gave Dr. Yoo my credit card and said "Do your thing!" So very happy with my results, I cannot recommend this doctor enough. He's got it all. He's young and charming with a magnetic personality. As a doctor, he has an absolutely brilliant technique that speaks directly to his technical and artistic mastery.”- RP
I was extremely satisfied with the interactions I have had with Dr. Yoo. Starting from the initial visit to the follow up appointments, I have had no complaints. The office staff is very helpful and pleasant. This was my BEST Botox experience. When you're looking for a facial plastic surgeon, you want someone who will understand your goals and will carefully discuss options with you regardless of the procedure. I came to Dr. Yoo because I had heard about him from multiple friends who had various fillers and Botox injections by him and were all extremely satisfied with his professionalism and his skill. He was very careful about how much Botox he put in me and carefully explained when I would first start seeing results, as well as when I could expect maximal results. I had a follow up with him a week after to see how I liked the Botox and offered to touch up any area that I did not like, without charge. I couldn't take him up on that offer because he had it perfect the first time around! I looked very natural after his injections and I had no bruising. His office staff complements him well and are all very courteous. I'm going back to him soon, and I give Dr. Yoo my highest recommendation! – LP
Dr. Yoo is great. I get Dysport done regularly with him and he also injected a filler in my upper lip. He took his time and made me feel very comfortable as it was my first time. Can't say enough about his precision and attention to detail. It is amazing to see a young Facial Plastic surgeon with so much talent and such an impressive list of credentials. I referred a couple of my friends to him as well and they all were happy with results! - AM

“I just want to recommend anyone to Spalding Drive plastic surgery center to Dr. Yoo as a head and neck surgeon. This experience was a year ago and I had a great result. The surgery was a scalp lesion. I'm feeling well, and there is nothing to fear when thinking about seeing Dr. Yoo. The whole surgery took one hour long, and was very successfully done.

Comments: I just love the collective enthusiasm of all his nurses and staff. This actually also makes you feel hopeful before you get into this procedure. I really recommend you to see Dr. Yoo.” – SK

I came to see Dr. Yoo few months ago for Botox injections and am extremely happy with my results. Dr. Yoo is an amazingly talented surgeon. I feel safe and heard because he is so good at answering any questions or concerns you might have. He will check up on u during the recovery period. I had a good result and will be back again for other procedures. I highly recommend him. – AK
Dr Don Yoo performed a rhinoplasty/septoplasty on me - and my nose looks FANTASTIC!! And it looks better than I could have ever imagined. I did a ton of research and had consultations with the top plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. I thought I had made my decision but decided to visit one more office, and It ended up being the best I could have made because it led me to Dr Don Yoo. My nose was severely deviated with a large bump. I also had difficulty breathing and hated my profile. Dr Don Yoo is very handsome, polite, and a great listener. He said he could fix it, and help make me look like the computer generated picture. He spoke with such passionate care and conviction which convinced me he wanted to help and to do the best job. Aside from his incredible academic accolades and peer referrals I was immediately able to tell his staff loves and respects him. The results - It looks amazing!!! I couldn't be happier with the outcome. My family and friends say my nose looks great and very natural and some have asked for his business card. Everyone says my new nose blends harmoniously with my face and it doesn't look "done" The entire staff at Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills is top notch and a special thanks to Ana, Michelle, and Jodi for making the entire process seamless and painless. Based on my results and my entire experience I "HIGHLY!!!!!" recommend him if you are looking to have a rhinoplasty he is simply amazing. If you have the opportunity to have Dr Don Yoo as your surgeon you should not hesitate because he is the best and his gifted craftsmanship comes second to none. – MA
Pre Surgery

On my first visit I was arguing with my mom and was very upset, however, Dr. Donald Yoo didn't judge me. Instead, listened patiently and was understanding. I thought highly of his character in that moment. I judged him. He’s tall, young, competent, good looking, and well composed. It speaks volumes of what Dr. Paul Nassif thought of Dr. Yoo because he is the only other facial surgeon working with him of all options. I thought he may lack experience but after speaking with him and Dr. Nassif. He has had so many operations it rivaled many veterans in his field of work. Quantity was not important. I was in search of talent and quality of work, which were my only concern. He was thorough in explaining limitations and very matter of fact. He encouraged use of my own body (rib cartilage) versus implants to prevent complications because I desired an extreme result. He wanted to find a balance between maximizing results and ensuring good health. My best interest were his concerns and my instincts told me he would do an excellent job. Prior to meeting Dr. Yoo, I did extensive research and shopped around for the best cosmetic surgeon in rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty. In comparison, I found he took into consideration so many factors, I felt most comfortable in his abilities. I never had doubt. I knew there wasn't anyone that can do better.


I came seeking revision Asian rhinoplasty and revision Asian blepharoplasty. I thought my eyebrows were uneven and my top lip was not proportioned to my bottom and it protruded out. My previous rhinoplasty left me with a gortex implant with no positive difference in appearance. My Asian nose was off center, flat with no bridge, upturned significantly and nostrils visible. It looked swollen, had no definition, and pear shaped. The edge of the nostrils extended further down then my columella. My previous blepharoplasty left me a spot (stye-like) of skin hanging on one eyelid. They were asymmetrical and gave me an appearance of looking tired, sad, or mad, even when I didn't feel that way.

After Surgery

Once I looked in the mirror despite having a cast I immediately noticed the symmetry of my eyes and missing the hanging spot of skin. I also noticed the significant increase of the bridge of my nose and worried my eyes may look too close together but it fit perfectly well. The length extended significantly and is shaped on its tip. The nostrils were stretched outward and the columella extended further than the nostrils. My lip somehow turned down evenly and there's no distinction between my lip size anymore. When I smile it looks good. My eyes in conjunction with my nose improved the look of my eyebrows and shape of my mouth. He made proportionate my whole face and all its features. I'm in awe of the attention to detail. He is precise and meticulous. He is the creator of a serious work of art. It looks absolutely amazing, how proportionate and symmetrical he made everything. All with my own body. An extreme result considering where I was yet in a natural looking way as if these were my original features. He's genius. I included hyperbaric treatment in my recovery. I'm recovering fast. Only 7 days since and look as if it's been 3 weeks.

After Thoughts

I had surgery in short notice and my circumstance was very demanding. I'm impressed in the professionalism of his staff accommodating my every need, the nurses were extremely kind, the consultant extremely competent and helpful. No words can give true justice to the ability of Dr. Donald Yoo. His work speaks for itself, extremely gifted, and at the level of artistic skill in which he operates he is nothing short of amazing. My mom and I believe he is an angel in a sense that these operations change your life, not literally, but by changing the way you feel about yourself and by the way people perceive you based off your looks. We need every advantage in life we can get and if you are in search for the best, look no further. His name is Dr. Donald Yoo. – RR
Dr. Yoo did the BEST job on my nose and eyes. I'm a half black half Hispanic guy with a HUGE nose. It was really wide (almost as wide as my lips) and flat (when I smiled big enough my nose would touch my lips). I went to a famous doctor in BH and spent A LOT to fix my nose but it didn't improve much. My nose was still huge, he did nothing for my nostrils and the cartilage he took from my bridge gave me a scooped appearance. I thought about getting a revision when he started giving me filler injections so my tip wouldn't touch my upper lip when I smiled. I learned this the hard way.... JUST BECAUSE A SURGEON DOES FAMOUS PEOPLE DOESN'T MEAN HE'S GONNA TREAT/GIVE YOU A CELEBRITY NOSE. I looked around for months trying to find a revision rhino surgeon and someone who did good upper eyelid (blepharoplasty) surgery. My eyes looked tired and angry. I would literally get people asking me if I was tired when I felt GREAT, or angry when I felt chipper! Went to several MD's. I made a phone appointment with a good doctor in BH, I sent him my photos and was happy with the talk until he said he didn't want to touch my nostrils unless he had to. After seeing him featured on the Dr. Oz I thought I was set on my decision. Then I looked on Youtube and saw Dr. Nassif's videos and really liked his work. I tried to make an appointment but he was out of town or something. Michelle/Ana (AWESOME) told me about Dr. Yoo. He practiced with Dr. Nassif and was available to meet with me. At first I was like heck no, I don't know this guy, he's probably practicing on patients Nassif can't see. After my skeptical fit I decided to give it a go, what did I have to lose, besides mileage. Meeting Dr. Yoo was ridiculously awesome! He listened to my concerns and explained in great detail how he would go about fixing it. He has the best bedside manner I've experienced. He took photos and computer morphed my nose and eyes so I could get a visual of what to expect. He showed me some of his work and I was SOLD. I loved that he wasn't pushy or trying to fix things I didn't have issues with. On my next appointment, Dr. Yoo re-explained the surgery and gave me tips on how to make the process smoother, Dr. Nassif happened to be in the office and join us for a little giving his recommendations, I thought it was awesome that everything Dr. Nassif was saying echoed what Dr. Yoo had already told me. The day of the surgery Dr. Yoo made me feel comfortable and reassured me, I was confident I made the right choice. I'm a week post op and I look like a stud. Seriously, I barely had bruising after surgery, it's gone now, my eyes look amazing, my nose is swollen but it looks great almost to the point where if the swelling didn't go down I'd be fine! The incision lines aren't visible, I can BREATHE so well! Words can't express how happy I am about my nose and eyes. Dr. Yoo is INCREDIBLE all around. – JD
Dr. Yoo was recommended by Dr. Paul Nassif and their surgery consultant, Ana Martin. Dr. Yoo is the sunshine of my pretty little nose. I was not born with a good-looking nose but he gave me a better one – actually, a perfect one for me! It was a wonderful experience that left me with a beautiful life-changing result. I will forever be grateful for the decision I made in choosing Dr. Yoo to do my rhinoplasty. I am also thankful and pleased to have met the famous Dr. Paul Nassif who recommended his service because of his high regard for him. Dr. Yoo is a one of a kind surgeon who is not only very intellectual, young and talented, with a wonderful personality, but also a gifted doctor who is devoted to his chosen career. He has a keen aesthetic eye, pays meticulous attention to detail and is very particular about safety. I may not have the face of my beautiful model but I now have a naturally good-looking, almost look-alike pretty nose as hers. I also appreciate the extra time and effort he showed me by responding to all my questions, calling and sending me messages on my phone to ask how I am doing. In this day and age, you seldom get a personal, professional and caring relationship with a doctor who treats you like family. – GV
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